President of ProPager Group

Founded in June 1994, ProPager is a European citizen communication agency with an experience of over 20 years in the design and implementation of European focused projects: events, conferences, competition, information campagns.
ProPager activities radiate throughout Europe, thanks to the dynamism of its subsidiaries ProFusion in Brussels, ProPagator in Warsaw and NEWS (North, East, West, South) Travel its travel agency in Paris and Brussels.

ProPager Group

consists of 4 companies


head office in Paris

branch based in Brussels

branch based in Warsaw

head office based in Paris and delegation offices in Brussels


Seminars, trainings and small conferences

Organisation of events up to 100 persons is the core of ProPager’s daily activities. In 2018:

  • 88 conferences implemented for the European Commission in different EU countries
  • 54 conferences and trainings implemented for eu-LISA (mainly in Strasbourg and in Tallinn)
  • 98 conferences and trainings for EASO (mainly in Italy, Greece, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Austria, Belgium and France, in capitals and in many regional cities)

Activities: participants management, travels and accommodation, venues and equipment, conference material…

Large conferences

Large conferences between 150 and 800 participants. In 2018:

  • About 15 large conferences organised for the European Commission in different EU countries, examples: Security Research Event – SRE in Brussels (800 participants), Startup Europe Summit in Sofia (600 participants); International Product Safety Week (400 participants)
  • About 4 large conferences organised for eu-LISA and EASO (above 100 participants)

Activities: Event conception, visual identity, website, participants management, travels and accommodation, venues and equipment, conference material, video production, onsite assistance …

Large events up to 8000 persons

ProPager has organised large events, mainly for the European Parliament:

  • European Youth Event (EYE): 2014, 2016 & 2018 in Strasbourg
  • Open Day of the EP: 2015 & 2016 in Brussels, 2015 -2017 in Strasbourg

Activities: Overall management, relations with authorities, media relations, event concept, visual identity, participants management, contributors and partners management, logistics, equipment, stands, event material, video production, onsite assistance …

Stands and exhibitions

ProPager organised several stands and exhibitions at International Fairs:

  • DG RTD stand at Bio International Convention in Boston (2018)
  • DG SANTE stand at International Green Week in Berlin and at Salon de l’Agriculture in Paris (2015, 2016 & 2017), at Salone di Gusto in Turino
  • DG MOVE stand at World Travel Market in London and at Borsa Internationale del Turismo (BIT) in Milan (2012)

Activities: Overall coordination with fairs organisers and suppliers, stands and activities conception, stand and expo management, onsite assistance …

Road shows, Olympiads

We have organised specific events as:

  • Road show on European citizenship in 12 EU countries and in 336 cities from 2004 – 2010
  • Olympiads on Humanitarian Aid – awareness rising campaign and final event that took the shape of Intercity games in Slovakia and Italy

Activities: Events conception and implementation, relations with national and local authorities, media relations, logistics

Competitions and Awards

We have managed several competitions and awards:

  • Access City Award, DG JUST (whole EU), 2012 – 2014
  • European Action on Drugs (whole EU), DG JUST, 2009 - 2010
  • Multimedia competition “Migrants in Europe” (whole EU), 2010
  • DG HOME Competition on Children rights (whole EU), 2006 -2010
  • Natali Prize for Journalists (worldwide), DG DEV – 2004 -2010

Activities: Promotion, organisation of Jury meetings, media relations, organisation of Award ceremonies

Communication Campaigns

We have organised some communication campaigns:

  • EU Trade policy. What is it, why it matters – on-going, 21 EU countries,
  • My Healthy Family – 2015, DG SANTE information campaign in Poland and Hungary
  • Passengers rights campaign in 28 EU countries, 2010 – 2012, DG MOVE

Activities: Identification of target groups, promotion, social media activities, media relations, advertising, impact analysis


Graphic design

Visual identity of events – creation of the graphic line, logo...
Layout of documents: programs, speakers bio, publications… 
Visuals for stands, exhibitions, signposting...
Design of conferences material: badges, roll ups, screen savers, banners, goodies…

Web development


Creation of websites for events: structure and content
Web management – updates, reporting
Registration of participants

Travel and accommodation

Booking services
(Amadeus system)
Online booking tool
(Amadeus App)
Issuing of travel tickets (24/24)
Professional insurances
Visa support
Negotiation of rates with hotels
Agreement with some international chains (Accor Hotels)

Venues & equipment

Identification of venues
Analyse of offers against selection criteria
Negotiations of conferences packages
Preliminary onsite visits and checks (depending on country / city)
Listing of needs and identification of local providers
Coordination and supervision of subcontractors work Set up and dismantling

Promotion and media

Identification of target groups and their specificities
Promotion strategy
Media relations (content and format)
Social media management
Interactivity during the events – involving audience via voting systems, twitter, interactive walls

Stand & Exhibitions

Stand, exhibition concepts
Liaising with the Fairs organisers / with venues
Coordination of the production, set up, dismantling
Concept of activities to involve visitors
Onsite assistance

Participants’ management

(simple online tool jot form)
(badge equipment, printers, QC scanners)
Hotline available before, during and after the event
Practical information
(sent by email, on event web)
Welcome and support on spot (hostesses, local transportation, info desks)
VIP’s management: protocol, security
Payments of daily allowance Post events services: sending /sharing documents, pictures

Monitoring & Reporting

Quality management consists of:
Rigorous selection of providers
Guidelines with objectives
Planning of actions with clearly established deadlines
Regular monitoring of services, if necessary corrective measures
Debriefing with clients, participants, staff and suppliers
Technical report with supporting documents
Financial report with relative documents and invoices
Lessons learned applied to next events


Identification of restaurants, caterers
Analyse and negotiations (preferences for local food, bio)
Collecting of specific requests (diets, allergy) at registration stage Supervising of the set up and food quality respect

European citizen communication agency
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75005 PARIS
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